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Who are we ?

We are a tech hub where we offer STEAM education to kids aged 8 - 17 years . Our custom curriculum is developed and curated in partnership with industry top STEAM reliant companies , Universities and tech hubs to suit their interests.

Here at AmpiTech Academy we offer an experience unlike any other for kids on the STEAM program .We assist kids and teens to push past the boundaries of school and bonding over the latest tech topics. Here they learn how to code, create a YouTube Video or motion graphics, design games and explore robotics !They undergo rigorous orientation and guidance in picking one of our tech topics! With individual attention from our instructors, they’ll build in-demand skills and create a completely personalized project.

STEAM education

STEAM stands for ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and MatheMatics ) and its used as an access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. STEAM learning applies meaningful maths, science, and technology content to solve real-world problems through hands-on learning activities and creative design.

Kids who participate in STEAM education ;

  • think outside the box,
  • feel safe to express innovative and creative ideas,
  • feel comfortable doing hands-on learning,
  • take ownership over their learning ,and
  • understand the ways that science, maths, arts, and technology work together becoming increasingly curious about the world around them and feel empowered to change it for the better.

We teach the in demand skills you just can’t get in school.

Create digital art & media – learn to code – design games – explore robotics

Explore the top courses both at ampitech academy and worldwide.

Here is the list of our top courses right now.

It's the Hub that Nurtures Creativity and innovation.

Students get exposed to how technology works through online classes and in person boot camps. Hands on activity to improve creativity and engage kids in a more creative and constructive way.

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