Coding Micro:bit robots

About This Course

With automation in all sectors from agriculture, manufacturing to logistics . These industries require a lot of creativity and a combination of knowledge in electronics, mechanical, and software development in order to smoothly automate their processes. This set of skills is hard to acquire within a short time or at the college level. Hence the need to expose kids to the technology progressively as they grow for them to cope up with the demands and changes in the industry. Micro: bit and Arduino are pocket-size hardware meant to inspire young people to get excited about technology more so robotics, Automation, and the Internet of Things(IoT) as a whole.

This course is meant to inspire young people and create interest in STEAM with an emphasis on Engineering and Technology.

Learning Objectives

Use the micro: bit to code different sensors,
Learn about different inputs and outs,
Develop and apply logical thinking skills,
Innovate and develop solutions and innovations using your own micro: bit and sensors


  • Mac or Windows PC only,
  • Working Webcam and Microphone and,
  • Stable internet connection,
  • Basic knowledge on block-based programming and,
  • Micro: bit kit.

Target Audience

  • 10-17 years
Coding Micro:bit robots



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